Elephants in the Room

Hi. We are Elephants!

Elephants in the Room B.V. is a start-up company creating the world’s first holistic human interaction software platform to improve teamwork and communication effectiveness for business organizations.

Who is Elephants?

After years of working in the corporate world, Chun Hou Wong soon noticed that major internal problems that no one wanted to talk about had to change, in other words the Elephants in the Room. Our company serves as a sparring partner, advisor and connector to support the growth ambition of your organization.

A values-driven team

Elephants in the Room is looking for curious and passionate individuals who are dedicated to learning and growing with us. We’re committed to building an inclusive team that values ideas over anything else.


Encouraging each other to build our way forward


The willingness to understand is the key to grow stronger together


Willing to risk the tremendous adversity of innovating current standards

Meet our team

Chun Hou Wong

Founder / CEO

Chun Heung Wong

Founder / CTO

Gil Rallo Genero

Software Developer

Catherine Horyna

Creative Designer

Kerimcan Guney

Software Developer

Carina König

Full Stack Intern

Kiên Đỗ

Full Stack Intern

Deniz Hadjiosmanov

UX & Software Intern

Nikoleta Dimitrova

UX & Software Intern

Jair Pietersz

UX & Software Intern

Quinn Aelen

Full Stack Intern

Tim Verhees

Full Stack Intern

Ivan Georgiev

UX & Software Intern

Oleksandr Gurianov

UX & Software Intern

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